miss-teen-carebears said: Hi! I really really love your blog!!! :)

Thank you!!:)

tripple-twizzle-deactivated2014 said: Hey, I am new to tumblr and I was wondering if you could recommend any figure skating blogs, I am having a hard time finding many active ones.

I reblogged someone’s post the other day, they had some great recommendations to check out :)

dylanasuarus said: Hey! I'm an artistic roller skater but this blog is awesome! :)

Hi! :) thank you! I’m glad you like it!

kltessa said: Hey there, I love your blog! Question: as a 23-yo woman who's only done basic forwards and backwards skating, could I start figure skating and hope to go beyond beginner one day (I'd be a hobbyist of course - no competitions) ? I've also been doing ballet for 8 months and from next week onwards I'll be doing ballet three times weekly; I've heard it helps. What do you think?

Of course you’d be able to learn! And it’ll help that you’ve done ballet as well. Many coaches reckoned ballet for skaters. It’s never too late! I say go for it. :)

tripple-twizzle-deactivated2014 said: Hey I am new to tumblr and I was wondering if you could recommend any skating blogs? I can't seem to find many active ones.


I can definitely relate to relate to you there. Here are some blogs:



figureskatingcostumes, adelina-sotnikova,

 figureskatingpassion, vo3ov,

blackandwhite-on-ice, kuank, icedreamland, nasucha, rinkwatchers

heltra91, graciegoldisperf, goodphomee, 


Hope this helps!

Anonymous said: Hey, I love your blog and it truly shows your passion for figure skating. Also really like your pictures and commentary, they are absolutely awesome! Figure skating is one of my passions too. Totally agree with one of the comments that say Skating blogs unite! = ) you can find my blog at: blog-pinkskate-com feel free to visit and take a look around and hope you would want to follow me as well. Keep up the great work you are doing here.

Sounds great! And thank you very much :)

Anonymous said: Hi! We are a brand new figure skating blog, trying to amass some followers! We love your blog and would love for you to promote us to your followers/check us out at our tumblr url: figure-skaters-relate. Thanks so much! Skating blogs unite! :)

Go follow !!

Anonymous said: My figure skating blog is seeeyouontheice. Would you follow me?

Yes! Everyone go follow!

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