Liina Koponen skating her short program at the 2012 Junior Bavarian Open.

Anonymous asked: So ya you should check out this sweet twitter account ! It's @skateandsparkle it's great !!

ok :)

Figure skating is unlike any other sport. It is graceful, yet full of strength. Beautiful, yet strong. The goal is to make jumps and spins look easy, when in reality they are harder than anything skaters face in life. One wrong edge, one wrong placement of any body part, and a jump can fail. Skating is about confidence, grace, hope, trust, strength, and commitment. figureskatingpassion

awkward-avoidance-viking asked: I love your blog! I'm 16 and I know most people start skating way earlier, so I've been really hesitant, but today I got back out on the ice and I'm learning the basics again. I forgot how much I love the sound of the blades hitting the ice.

Don’t let the fact that some people have been skating their entire lives stop you from skating now. It’s never too late to start. No matter what, there will always be someone better than you, you just have to accept that and skate for YOU and no one else. At my old rink, I knew a lady who was in her 70’s-80’s who had never stepped foot on the ice, and decided to learn. So like I said, never too late :)

irrelevanceeee asked: i used to live in new york, & when i was 8 i started skating. i stopped when i moved (when i was 10) because i got really into soccer and there were no rinks near me. i was never really that great (just started learning an axel when i stopped) but i want to get back into it again. i live in california, and the closest rink is 45 min away from me. im already pretty busy & feel like everyone at the rink will be super judgy of my age & lack of ability. idk what i should do :/

If you want to skate, then you should. Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks, skating is something you should do for yourself and because you love it. :)

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